Transformative Energy and Materials Capital, LLC (TEM Capital) is a fund manager for the Transformative Energy & Materials Fund I (“TEM” or “TEM Fund”). TEM invests in mid to later stage companies where there is a clear view on how to achieve revenue expansion and profitability. TEM Capital's management team combines scientific, operational and financial experience and takes an active role in the portfolio, aiming to bring not only capital but most importantly effective growth strategies.

TEM Capital has formed a partnership with Vanterra Capital, a global private equity firm that manages assets for a diverse investor base of ultra high net worth partners and leading institutions. Vanterra utilizes a “fund of partnerships” approach, establishing strategic relationships with specialized private equity managers that have a strong competitive advantage. Through its platform of strategic fund investments, direct investments, and opportunistic co-investments, Vanterra seeks to build premier investment organizations. For more information, visit:

Vanterra Capital


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